Edited by Victor Verney

Publishing eight short essays of mine as e-books entailed a bit of a learning curve, adding along with my background in editing and Web site development, a third element to my professional expertise — making me a triple threat, so to speak. Editing and formatting anything for publication as an e-book, as I found out, involves more than correcting grammar or knowing some HTML code. It’s a lot more than most  writers care to deal with, and given the growing use of e-books by both writers and readers, it seemed to me that there’s a significant and growing market for E-editors.

An opportunity to pursue this came a bit unexpectedly during a recent trip to Florida. Along with visiting my mother and sister in Sarasota, I also went to St. Augustine to visit an old Navy buddy, Carl Soto, with whom I’d kept in touch sporadically but hadn’t seen in nearly 30 years.

While I was pursuing my doctorate in English, Carl was earning a law degree from the University of Michigan. During my visit with him, I learned that he’d self-published a book titled How to COPE with Debt Collectors and had been very disappointed by the fact that although he’d invested heavily in marketing the book, sales had been virtually nil.

I thought the book was high quality and very worthwhile, dealing with an important issue affecting the lives of many Americans. I suggested he publish it on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, offering my services as an E-editor. So, after some minor revisions, along with a new cover and title: Beat Debt Collectors at Their Own Game: A Legal Guide to Stop Harassment, Lawsuits & Garnishments, it’s now available on Amazon as an E-book.

Written by a real attorney who specializes in consumer law — versus some wannabe —  this book provides all the forms, letters and step-by-step instructions needed to immediately stop harassing calls and letters, win lawsuits, halt garnishments and much more. Written for people with no prior legal experience, it explains in straight forward, non-technical language how to beat debt collectors, covering every aspect of the debt collection process: default, collection calls & letters, lawsuits, garnishments, negotiating settlements and appeals.